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Nov 16 2017

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is almost here! This is a special time of year when families and friends come together to celebrate the season of giving thanks however, this holiday also has potential hazards for your pets.

Keep these things in mind to help ensure your entire family has a happy Thanksgiving!

  • Keep your Thanksgiving dinner on the table: At your Thanksgiving dinner there will be plenty of food and drink to go around, but that doesn’t mean your should share it with your pets. Many ingredients used in everyday cooking and baking, such as onion, raisins, garlic, and chocolate, can be highly toxic to your pets. Even if the food served is not toxic to your pets, eating it may lead to digestive distress. Fatty foods like butter, bacon, meat dripping and gravies can cause vomiting, diarrhea, lose of appetite, or pancreatitis. Due to this, it’s important that all guests know that the food served is strictly for humans-no sharing with pets!
  • Give your pet a space of their own: The holidays can be a stressful time for your pets. If you are planning on having a lot of guests in your home for Thanksgiving, give your pet a safe space. A safe space can also help avoid unexpected escape attempts. Putting your pet in their safe space during the festivities will help reduce emotional distress and avoid unwanted escapes.
  • Proper I.D.: Before welcoming guests into your home, if you are intended to keep your pets out for the festivities, make sure your pets have proper identification. This will increase the chances of them being returned to you in the unfortunate event of an escape.
  • Keep decorations and holiday plants out of your pets reach: Many holiday plants can pose a risk to your pet’s health if ingested. For a complete list visit the pet poison helpline. Ingested decorations can potentially cause an intestinal blockage or other digestive distress. The safest route is to keep all plants and holiday decorations away from your pets.



We will be closed on Thursday, November 22nd to celebrate Thanksgiving. If you have any questions or concerns or need to make an appointment for your pet, please call us at 804-642-5740.





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