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Apr 17 2017

National Pet I.D. Week April 16th-22nd!

It is very important to make sure that your pet always has proper identification. Proper pet identification helps ensure their safe return to you if they go missing. Some of the best ways to identify your pets include:

  • Collar: Having your pet wear an appropriate collar can let someone know that they aren’t just a stray if they are found. Having an appropriate collar for your pet also provides a place for your pet to wear their ID and Rabies tags.
  • I.D. tags: Your pet’s tags should include; your pets name, your pets address, the best phone number to reach you. Check your pet’s tags regularly as they can quickly become worn or outdated. It is best to have a quick release collar with a tag for your cat, even if they are indoor only. In addition to their I.D. tag, it is important that your pet wear their rabies tag and a county license tag.
  • Get your pet micro-chipped: A microchip I.D. is a small transmitter that is implanted by a hypodermic needle. It is important that once your pet is micro-chipped, you register the micro-chip with the appropriate company. ┬áNone of your personal information is stored on the chip itself.


If you lose a pet or find a pet, there are some additional measures you should take that can help them get back home. These include notifying:


  • Your veterinarian and other veterinarians in the area
  • Animal control
  • Local shelters
  • Social media

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