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Feb 14 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day!

At Animal Care of Gloucester we love to love pets! We wanted to wish all our clients and their pets a Happy Valentine’s Day. In the spirit of Valentine’s day, we asked our staff how they show love to their pets.

“I show my pets I love them by”…

“…giving them lots of snuggles!” ~Dr. Verderame

“…giving them lots of snuggles, especially when they don’t feel good.” ~Heather, receptionist

“…playing ball!” ~ Tori, LVT

“…cuddling, kisses, hugs and treats.” ~Staci, groomer

“…talking sweetly to them, petting them and giving them treats.” ~Dana, groomer/receptionist

“…letting my dog and cat lay on top of me in the recliner (which is barely big enough for me alone)!!” ~Cindy, receptionist

“…playing with them, rewarding good behavior with treats and snuggles!!!!!!!” ~Lynda, assistant

“…taking them on fun outings and letting them all pile up on the couch for snuggles at home!” ~Lindsay, assistant

“…giving them more toys and treats than they could ever need or want.” ~Casey, assistant

“…taking my four chihuahuas and my island cat on long walks on the beach with moon-lite conversations.(I have wine, they have treats) ;)” ~ Dr. Stiff

“…giving them all kinds of treats, lots of toys, Gibbs sleeps with me and Matilda is my right hand man.” ~Terry, groomer

“…rubbing her face.” ~Katie Beth, LVT

“…giving them comfy beds and plenty of hugs!’ ~Dr. Betts

From all of us at Animal Care of Gloucester Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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