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May 25 2014

Hot Spots?!

Hotspots are sores occurring on dog’s skin characterized by a raw, moist area. Caused when a dog chews, licks and scratches an area, they can result in significant oozing and damage to the skin. We often see hotspots as the result of other conditions, such as allergens like bug bites (including fleas,) dust, pollen, food or treats. We also sometimes see them associated with insufficient grooming or a matted coat. These painful and uncomfortable lesions warrant medical intervention. Hotspots can be a symptom of a larger health problem, so your veterinarian will want to perform a physical exam and get a thorough history on your dog. Treatment of a hotspot can include clipping the fur from the affected area and cleansing, and k-laser therapy. If the area is large or very painful, a sedative may be used. Oral and/or topical medications may be prescribed to control the itching and an e-collar may be sent home to prevent your pet from causing further damage. Hotspots can reoccur, particularly if an underlying cause cannot be identified.

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