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Sep 19 2013

Dog Toys- Good and Bad

Many dogs really enjoy toys, but these toys may not all be good for your dog. We suggest supervising play, especially if a new toy is being introduced.

A few toys we really like:

Kongs- buy according to your dog’s size and strength. They last for years, are easy to wash, can be stuffed with treats and can even be frozen (think stuffed with peanut butter). Kongs need to be replaced if they become damaged to prevent your dog from potentially breaking off a piece and swallowing it.

Flat rawhide chews- these inexpensive chews don’t contain large knots or protrusions that your dog can chew off and swallow. Replace when they become small enough to be swallowed.

Ice- messy but fun, ice is a great outdoor treat for warm weather. A few cubes in a water bowl can be entertaining to your dog, or freeze a container with carrot bits and green beans for even more excitement.

Retriever rolls: flat rawhide loosely rolled, these chews last a long time but also need to be replaced when they get small enough to be swallowed.

Toys that hold treats- balls that dispense goodies as they are rolled, rubber toys that have places to put crunchy snacks. These toys encourage activity and play and can keep dogs entertained for hours.

A few toys we don’t like (or toys that are potentially a problem):

Real bones- broken teeth and foreign bodies when they break (particularly cooked bones)

Hard nylon bones- great for breaking teeth

Rope toys- tend to shred and be eaten, where they can cause problems in the gastrointestinal tract. These toys also encourage tug-o-war- which can promote aggression and can cause, you guessed it, broken teeth.

Chew hooves- broken teeth again

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