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May 14 2013

Winter Holiday Poisons and Dangers

Holidays can be stressful enough without worrying about a potentially poisoned pet. Please take a moment to look at the list below of holiday hazards to watch out for.

*Tinsel-what looks like a cat’s dream toy is actually very dangerous item. Tinsel that is ingested can become lodged in or tangled in the intestines of cats or small dogs very easily. This is a very serious problem than can result in expensive surgeries and even death. Leave the tinsel off the tree this year and save a pet!
*Ornaments-old fashioned bubble lights and snow globes can have chemicals inside that are toxic to pets causing depression, skin or eye irritation or aspiration pneumonia. Also keep in mind that although glass ornaments are beautiful, if they are batted off a tree and break, the glass can be a hazard to you and your pets.
*Plants-although Poinsettias have the bad rap among holiday plant poisons, they are only mildly toxic. Far worse is mistletoe, holly and lilies, common in holiday bouquets. Just a few leaves or petals can cause sudden kidney failure in cats, gastrointestinal upset or heart arrhythmias. Keep holiday plants out of your pet’s reach.
*Holiday Foods-this includes alcohol too. Alcohol is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and small quantities can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar, blood pressure and body temperature. This includes foods with alcohol in them as well. Foods containing grapes, raisins and currents (such as fuitcakes) can cause kidney failure. Onions, garlic and macadamia nuts can also cause health issues for your pet. Chocolate contains a chemical that is highly toxic to dogs and cats. In small amounts in can cause vomiting and diarrhea and in large amounts can cause seizures and heart arrhythmias. Many sugarless gums and candies contain a chemical that is highly toxic causing a life-threatening drop in blood sugar and liver failure. Leftover fatty meat scraps can cause severe inflammation of the pancreas causing abdominal pain, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Uncooked dough is another hazard that can cause all kinds of gastric upset including stomach bloat.
*Liquid Potpourri and Scented Oils-although a great way to spread a lovely smell through your home, these oils are severely toxic to your pets. A few licks can cause severe chemical burns to their mouth and throat and can cause fever and difficulty breathing and tremors.

Play it safe this year and keep these hazards away from your furry family members reach. For a complete list of holiday dangers, follow our link to the Pet Poison Control site.

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