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May 14 2013

Food/Diet Products

Science Diet Healthy Advantage
Preventative nutrition is an investment in your pet’s overall health. Just like regular vaccinations and parasite control, proper nutrition is critical to maintaining your pet’s overall health and quality of life. Precisely balanced levels of the right nutrients can help protect your pet from the most common health risks that he or she will face throughout his or her life. Hill’s Science Diet Healthy Advantage pet food is preventative nutrition that addresses your pet’s most essential health needs:
*Oral Health
*Weight Management
*Immune Health
*Healthy Digestion
*Skin and Coat Health
*Joint  Health
*Bladder Health

Healthy Advantage is clinically proven to benefit your pet’s overall health. It contains high quality ingredients, is naturally preserved with no artificial flavors or colors encompassing exceptional nutrition and great is taste guaranteed.

Science Diet Ideal Balance
Natural ingredients are only as good as their balance. Too much of an ingredient or too little-even natural ingredients-can be bad for a dog or cat.

Natural meets nutritional when your pet meets NEW Ideal Balance from Hill’s Science Diet. Ideal Balance is a first among pet foods-the perfect balance of natural ingredients, including added vitamins and amino acids-for every stage of life.

Also available in a grain-free formula!

Hill’s Prescription Diet
Hill’s has developed a variety of specialized diets that can be prescribed for your pet. Often times, this change in diet is sufficient to treat a variety of disorders and diseases that can afflict our furry loved ones. We carry the full line of prescription diets.

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