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May 14 2013

Cold Weather Tips for Your Pets

Well! We’ve had some warm weather lately, but we all know winter is on it’s way and that means cold weather! So we’re passing along some cold weather tips for your furry family members.

*First of all, if it’s at all possible, keep your pets indoors or give them access to a warm shelter when it’s cold out. Despite their warm fur, animals can suffer from over-exposure or hypothermia if the weather is too extreme.
*Cats like to hide under car hoods to enjoy the warmth from engines. A simple couple of knocks on your hood as you walk around to the driver’s door would be enough to startle any stow-aways out from a potentially dangerous event.
*Never let your dogs off their leash or out of their fenced in yard when there’s snow on the ground. They can easily lose their scent in the snow and become lost. More dogs (and cats) are lost during the winter than any other season. Make sure your pets wear their tags!
*Thoroughly wipe down your dogs legs and stomach when they come in from sleet, snow or ice. They can accidentally ingest salt, anti-freeze or other toxic chemicals when licking themselves. Check in between their pads too because ice or salt trapped in between pads can cause soreness and bleeding.
*We all know not to leave our pets unattended in a hot car, but what about a cold car? That’s a no-no too! Cold cars can act just like refrigerators and a pet can develop hypothermia or frost bite or even death from being left in a car.
*Remember that dogs with their fur groomed short or short-haired dogs need extra warmth. Consider a sweater or restricting outdoor activity during the cold months.

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