Good Deed!

    Feb 15 2015

    Yesterday, one of our concerned clients brought in a beautiful female cardinal that had somehow managed to get her leg caught in a car window. Although the damage was severe…

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    Hot Spots?!

    May 25 2014

    Hotspots are sores occurring on dog’s skin characterized by a raw, moist area. Caused when a dog chews, licks and scratches an area, they can result in significant oozing and…

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    The Magic of K-Laser Therapy

    May 09 2014

    Laser therapy is the use of red and near-infrared light to create therapeutic effects.These effects include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling. Laser therapy has been…

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    Dog and Cat Tooth Brushing Tips

    Jan 30 2014

    Tooth Brushing Tips for Dogs and Cats Supplies: soft bristled brush in an appropriate size for your pet dog/cat toothpaste (available in many different flavors) patience (especially at first) Daily…

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    Dental Treats!

    Oct 17 2013

    We are pleased to offer a variety of dental care products at our office. We have chews that contain enzymes to kill bacteria in accordance with the chewing action that…


    Dog Toys- Good and Bad

    Sep 19 2013

    Many dogs really enjoy toys, but these toys may not all be good for your dog. We suggest supervising play, especially if a new toy is being introduced. A few…

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    Flea Control Products

    May 14 2013

    Frontline Plus not only treats current flea infestations by quickly killing the fleas on your pet, but also prevents further infestations by destroying the flea’s ability to effectively reproduce. Fast-Acting…

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    Heartworm Prevention Products

    May 14 2013

    Heartgard Plus Heartworm disease is preventable with Heartgard Plus! Protect your dog from heartworm disease by giving one delicious chewable treat once a month. *Reliable protection against heartworms when used…

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    Food/Diet Products

    May 14 2013

    Science Diet Healthy Advantage Preventative nutrition is an investment in your pet’s overall health. Just like regular vaccinations and parasite control, proper nutrition is critical to maintaining your pet’s overall…

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    Decoding Pet Food Labels

    May 14 2013

    Reading pet food labels can seem confusing. Here are a few tips to help make sense of label claims and the regulations that apply to them. Chicken Dog Food :…