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    May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

    May 05 2017

    May is Lyme disease awareness month. Did you know that Lyme disease can be prevented, it is a zoonotic disease (a disease that is caught by humans and animals) and is transmitted…

  • flea-worm-tick-cartoon

    Facts about parasites and your pet.

    Apr 24 2017

    Some interesting, strange and downright disgusting facts about parasites: Indoor cats can get worms! Cats that live strictly indoors can become infected with tapeworms by eating infected fleas. Another way cats…

  • pet id week

    National Pet I.D. Week April 16th-22nd!

    Apr 17 2017

    It is very important to make sure that your pet always has proper identification. Proper pet identification helps ensure their safe return to you if they go missing. Some of…

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    Spring is in the air!

    Apr 13 2017

    Just like you, your pet can have allergies. This occurs when their immune system recognizes certain substances as dangerous. As your pet’s body tries to rid itself of these substances…

  • easter_lily_toxicity_in_cats

    Easter Lilies: A Holiday Hazard

    Apr 07 2017

    While beautiful, the Easter lily can be very dangerous to have around your cats. Ingesting any part of an Easter lily; the petals, stem, leaves, or even the water or…

  • Pet Poison Prevention Week!

    Pet Poison Prevention Week

    Mar 23 2017

    March 19th-March 25th is Pet Poison Prevention week! Some tips about preventing your pets from getting poisoned and what to do if they are. Poison prevention: Be aware of the…

  • Flea prevention is important all year-round!

    Flea preventative is important all year round!

    Mar 06 2017

    Virginia weather is a finicky thing and with spring right around the corner many pet parents are thinking of re-starting their pet’s flea regiments. We often hear from pet parents…

  • Spay Day USA is the last Tuesday in February.

    February 28th is Spay Day USA!

    Feb 28 2017

    Spaying your female pets is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. Spaying is a surgical procedure that involves removing your pets uterus and ovaries. There are many…

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    Ways to keep your pet happy and healthy!

    Feb 23 2017

    As a pet parent, it’s important to keep your pet happy and healthy! Our pets need more than our love to keep them in tip-top shape! Here are some important…

  • Happy Valentine's day!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Feb 14 2017

    At Animal Care of Gloucester we love to love pets! We wanted to wish all our clients and their pets a Happy Valentine’s Day. In the spirit of Valentine’s day,…